In Concert

The In  Concert project aims to set new standards in the development, curation, and use of data in a rapidly growing area of contemporary musicological research: data is sourced from concert programmes, bills, and reviews and advertisements published in historical newspapers and periodicals, to produce a discrete, authoritative resource facilitating the pursuit of specific lines of enquiry. Recent work on such ephemeral materials has demonstrated their potential, in critical mass, to illuminate significant aspects of performance practice and concert culture that have been passed over in more traditional modes of musicological research.

The project will explore fresh approaches to building a digital archive from varying types of performance datasets based on ephemera, and to find ways of overcoming the barriers of expertise, volume of data, and the gap between cost and benefit that have hampered such digital musicology projects in the past. These datasets range from simple, raw data derived from OCR processes to richly interpreted and highly structured data with multiple layers of linkage and verification.

Towards a Collaborative Digital Archive of Musical Ephemera